Cognitive Robots

A new era of human-machine collaboration

Meet MAiRA, MAV and LARA. Robotic assistants built to collaborate with you in a natural way.


Multi-Sensing – Intelligent – Robotic Assistant with fully integrated novel sensors, leading the new era of robots.


An unprecedented integration of artificial intelligence in control systems.


A high-end machine with easy programming and infinite possibilities for interaction.


Multi-Sensing – Autonomous – Vehicle


A comprehensive sensor suite enables MAV to autonomously navigate in every indoor environment.


MAV is the perfect solution for your intralogistic tasks.


Lightweight Agile Robotic Assistant


Lightweight design meets industrial performance.


Ready to be used for your application right away, enhanced by an intuitive UI.

What's new

Automationspraxis Websession 31.05.2022

Get a sneak peak of the innovations we will show at Automatica 2022 in Munich!

Top 100 Innovation
Award 2022

We are one of the Top 100 most
innovative companies in Germany!

Japan 2022

We were part of one of the world’s biggest robotic exhibitions.

Our vision

At NEURA Robotics, we are working to improve the cognitive capabilities of robots by making breakthrough advances in environmental perception, drive technologies, control theory, materials science, mechanical design, and artificial intelligence. By giving robots what they currently lack – senses and a mind – we are revolutionizing robotics to support and amplify humanity.

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