MAiRA, the world's first commercially available cognitive robot from NEURA

MAiRA – The first cognitive robot.

Multi-Sensing Intelligent Robotic Assistant with exceptional skills and features

In today’s world, there is a shortage of manpower and resources, while working with standard machines is often not risk-free in terms of employee safety. To bridge the gap between humans and machines and create a safe space for robots and humans to work together, NEURA Robotics has developed MAiRA.

MAiRA is the world’s first commercially available cognitive robot. With fully integrated artificial intelligence and novel touchless safe human detection technology, MAIRA can sense its surroundings and easily adapt to all types of industrial environments.

With revolutionary sensors developed in-house and unprecedented artificial intelligence, combined with unmatched precision and accuracy, MAiRA opens up a new era of robots and offers almost endless possibilities for interaction. MAiRA provides a wide range of new applications where it can work directly with humans in collaborative workspaces or perform dangerous and repetitive tasks with minimal supervision. With this, MAiRA gives people time again for activities they enjoy – above all leisure activities are naturally at the top of the list.

MAiRA is:

Multi – Sensing: Can see, hear, and feel its environment.
Intelligent: Built-in advanced intelligence allows MAiRA to be used for more applications than any other robot.
Robotic Assistant: MAiRA is designed to assist YOU. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, anyone can operate MAiRA with ease; no programming skills are required.

MAiRA robotic quality inspection


Features and benefits

MAiRA has several important features to work efficiently. These features include:

Performance: In addition to its in-house developed artificial intelligence, MAiRA is equipped with a number of redundant and diverse technologies. The advanced hard- and software ensures safe and reliable operation combined with the highest performance and efficiency.

Safety: With novel “Touchless Safe Human Detection” sensor technology, MAiRA can see, hear, and feel its surroundings and safely detect humans nearby, enabling true human-robot collaboration.

Accuracy: In-house developed technologies and sensors achieve the highest levels of precision and repeatability. MAiRA achieves industry-leading motion speeds of up to 4.5 m/s and repeatability of 0.01 mm, outperforming all other robots in its class.

Interaction: MAiRA responds to voice commands, recognizes humans, and can be guided by gesture control. Thanks to its ability to quickly adapt to changing environments, MAiRA can fully perceive and safely interact with its surroundings.

MAiRA cobot


Where can MAiRA assist?

MAiRA can support humans in almost any industry and application.
Its advanced AI and sensing capabilities help MAiRA to work in challenging environments, while its ability to safely interact with humans makes it a perfect robotic assistant for healthcare tasks, such as surgical and medical examinations and dental use. This can help healthcare professionals with routine tasks and efficiently use their skills and valuable time for more urgent tasks. As our population ages and there aren’t enough caregivers, MAiRA will be invaluable to geriatric care.
Its high accuracy and repeatability make it ideal for tasks that require high precision. Examples include smart welding, pick and place, and many more.

MAiRA can be trained with a step-by-step wizard to recognize and identify objects, and it learns to independently select different objects with each training session. This allows MAiRA to assist in a wide range of tasks, such as laboratories, logistics, and many other areas.
MAiRA can start moving when paired with the Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle MAV, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) also designed to work with humans. MAiRA can be mounted on the MAV robot to become a mobile manipulator. This opens up a wide range of possible applications for these robots. In combination with MAV, MAiRA can, for example, organize the warehouse or stock the shelves of a supermarket.

MaiRA and MAV


What is possible in the future?

MAiRA, the first cognitive robot uses the most advanced AI and sensor technologies to combine human ingenuity with safety, robotic speed and precision.
Unlike today’s industrial robots that must be separated from their operators and robots that lack human-like awareness, MAiRA enables the creation of truly collaborative environments where humans and machines can work together to achieve a common goal. We believe that by rapidly improving its learning, thinking, and interaction capabilities, MAiRA will reshape productivity and safety in industrial, commercial, and social environments around the world.
In combination with other technologies, MAiRA provides holistic solutions for all kinds of fields such as the care of handicapped and elderly, medical support, and much more. With ever-improving sensors and AI systems, social intelligence can be advanced to the point where robots can hold longer conversations, play games, and assist and accompany people who need help.
Robots have the potential to change our lives for the better by safely assisting us in a variety of applications. Soon, robots like MAiRA will be ubiquitous, enabling a new era of collaboration.

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