NEURA Robotics brings production to Germany

Metzingen, Germany – February 21st, 2024

NEURA Robotics, the world’s leading innovation driver in the field of cognitive robotics with headquarters in Metzingen, is setting a decisive milestone: production will be relocated from China to Germany in 2024. The company currently still produces the majority of its total volume in China. By the end of 2024, production capacities in Metzingen are to be ramped up and simultaneously reduced in China. This consistent step once again emphasizes the indispensable importance of a robust home base in Germany for the company’s ambitious global growth strategy.

David Reger, founder and visionary pioneer of NEURA Robotics, explains: “The relocation of production to Germany is a milestone on NEURA Robotics’ path to becoming the ‘Next German Hero’. We are convinced that international innovation leadership and regional ties are not mutually exclusive – a principle that automotive companies have taught us over decades. Cognitive robotics will have a similar significance in the future. ‘Made in Germany’ continues to be a seal of quality and excellence worldwide, especially in areas where top hardware is in demand. With this strategic decision, we want to demonstrate that Germany is the ideal location for cognitive robotics.”

NEURA Robotics brings production to Metzingen Germany
NEURA Robotics brings production to Metzingen Germany

To counteract rising energy prices and efficiently cover the growing energy requirements of production, Neura Robotics is relying on PV power and buildings that are as self-sufficient as possible.

“Despite the high energy prices and other challenges, we are moving production to Germany in order to demonstrate our confidence in Germany as a business location – and we are counting on politicians to act quickly,” said Reger.


Cognitive Robotics – „Made in Germany“


The decision to relocate production to Germany is the second significant example of NEURA’s focus on a strong domestic market. The company recently announced that an engineering hub with a focus on artificial intelligence and a central unit to manage the global sales network will be established in Munich in order to benefit from the region’s strong innovation and technology landscape.

NEURA Robotics brings production to Metzingen Germany
NEURA Robotics brings production to Metzingen Germany

Dr. Bernd Heinrichs, Chief Growth Officer (CGO), is convinced: “Strong domestic locations are the next logical step for NEURA in our expansion strategy. Munich, as a vibrant hotspot for AI and robotics, will be our new hub for research and development, where current and future top talents will work on the future in the know-how melting pot. At the same time, we are relocating our production to Germany. The connection between the technology regions of Munich and Stuttgart, with Metzingen as a robotics hotspot, offers the ideal basis for ambitiously consolidating our position as the world’s leading innovation driver in the field of cognitive robotics.”


NEURA Robotics from Metzingen near Stuttgart has conquered the global market in just three years by developing the first market-ready cognitive cobot. This breakthrough makes NEURA a global pioneer and innovation leader in the industry. Cognitive robots go beyond sight, hearing and touch by being able to fully perceive the environment and humans and act autonomously. Especially in the manufacturing industry, they offer decisive advantages such as production optimization, short amortization times, increased flexibility and space savings.


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