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Robotics and collaborative robots (cobots) have all become critical to maintaining product throughput, yield, and quality — and they all come with trade-offs … until now:

With Neura Robotics, improving enterprise-wide productivity through automation has never been faster or simpler.

OEMs need to balance speed, precision, and worker safety across a wide range of assembly, material handling, and shipping operations when implementing robots across a global enterprise. Neura’s portfolio of collaborative robots, industrial robots, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and service robots specifically aims to eliminate these compromises and introduce truly safe and fast human–robot collaboration.

Open Software & AI Development

Our intelligent robotic assistants are easily programmed and quickly deployed. They can be used and re-deployed for multiple applications.

Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Our intelligent robots are designed to be aware of their surroundings and can safely share a workspace with humans. 


Best Performance & Accuracy

Our Cobots can perform actions with up to 0.01 mm repeatability and consistently perform tasks with the same speed and power. 


Voice recognition + AI

With the help of an integrated 360° microphone array and powered by AI, MAiRA can understand your commands, enhancing the user experience even more.

Cobots and AMRs With Unparalleled Speed and Safety

Built with lightweight, strong materials, Neura’s cognitive robots move at speeds up to 4.5 m per second, perform tasks with submillimeter precision, and carry payloads up to 30 kg with a range of 3 m while still maintaining safe human–cobot collaborations. With Neura solutions on the plant floor, including our MAV autonomous robots, no application is out of reach. 

Neura integrates special sensors that allow cognitive robotic arms to perceive and adapt to their environment naturally through sight, hearing, and touch. Artificial intelligence, 3D voice recognition, and the company’s Touchless Safe Human Detection technology permit these robots to detect nearby workers, recognize faces and objects, and actively prevent dangerous situations. 

This combination reduces engineering requirements, system development time, and additional safety measures, such as safety light curtains or other external sensors in the production environment. 


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