Robots in the food & beverage industry

Moving and processing goods the efficient way

Robots in the food & beverage industry

Moving and processing goods the efficient way

Processing food.
The smart way.

While robots are widely used in other primary sectors, the food and beverage industry lags behind in robotic automation because most industrial robots aren’t gentle enough to perform demanding tasks or handle delicate ingredients. Our robots are designed to bridge this gap and assist food manufacturers with a variety of tasks to meet a wide range of needs. The robots are well equipped to work in adverse conditions such as wet surfaces, cold rooms or hot production facilities. The robots can help solve the problem of food waste in both farms and production facilities. Thanks to AI capabilities, the robots can detect which fruits and vegetables are ready and pick them up, so less food spoils due to lack of labor. High-precision performance can reduce food waste in food processing. We believe that reducing food waste not only helps farmers and food producers, but also benefits our society. Simply leave repetitive and potentially harmful tasks to robots so skilled workers can focus on more meaningful and value-added activities.

Benefits for the food & beverage industry


Facilitate upstream and downstream processes and increase overall productivity with speeds of up to 4.5 m/s and precision of up to ± 0.01 mm repeatability.

food safety

Automated food processing can reduce the risk of food contamination from human error.


In just 30 minutes, a layperson can retool our robots with an app-based user interface, hand guidance, voice control, and gesture control.

work safety

Protect workers from potential health risks. Create safe human-robot collaboration through cognitive capabilities with advanced sensors and AI features.

food waste

AI-powered capabilities and high precision can reduce agricultural waste throughout the supply chain.

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