Next-level electronics production

Robotic assistants boosting your assembly processes

Next-level electronics production

Robotic assistants boosting your assembly processes

Electronics assembly. The efficient way.

The electronics industry is under pressure to increase production rates, maintain competitive pricing, and introduce multiple variants to appeal to different customer segments, which increases lead time and time to market. As the product lifecycle becomes shorter, electronics companies are looking for solutions to increase effectiveness and efficiency. NEURA Robotics’ robots can help electronics companies with various steps in the production process, such as handling raw materials, moving parts around the work area, assembling connectors, coating circuit boards, applying adhesives, painting, testing product quality, and packaging and labeling final products. Using AI, 3D-vision and advanced force-torque sensors, our cognitive and adaptive robots can handle small components and complex configurations of electronic parts and apply the right force to delicate circuits.

Benefits for electronics manufacturers


Cognitive robots can perform tasks consistently and error-free to increase production rates and quickly adapt to a new products.

work safety

With touchless safe human detection technology, MAiRA can recognize people and avoid accidents when they move in the work area.

human potential

When robots take over low value-added and repetitive tasks, skilled workers can spend their valuable time on more fruitful activities.


Through the app-based user interface, voice commands and gesture control, our robots can be quickly set up or even repurposed without requiring programming.


Reduce defects by applying the right force to sensitive elements to ensure consistent quality. The AI capabilities can reduce bias and variation in quality inspection.

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