Education and science

Robotic assistants for teaching and research

Education & science

Robotic assistants for teaching and research

A new era of education

Not only in industry and manufacturing, but also in education and science, robots can bring great benefits – from research to administrative tasks. Our robots come in a variety of sizes to fit in classrooms and labs. They assist students and researchers with repetitive tasks such as taking, placing, transporting and mixing chemical and biological samples, allowing researchers to fully concentrate on their intellectual activities. The advanced sensing capabilities and touchless safe human detection technology make it possible for them to be safely integrated into regular classrooms and move around in close proximity to children. Bringing robots into the classroom can be a fantastic opportunity for students to get up to speed on the latest technology and spark their interest in new career paths.

Benefits for education and science

Improve the quality
of teaching

Bring state-of-the-art knowledge and technology into the classroom, involve students in lectures.

Create equal

Provide around-the-clock support to students and researchers with special needs to help them navigate and adapt in the classroom and lab.


When using robots in labs, limit the risk of exposure to hazardous substances and accidents.


Our robots can be easily reprogrammed to perform different tasks without the need for expert intervention or hundreds of hours of setup.

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