All-new hotel & restaurant experience

From taking orders to transporting luggage

hotel & restaurant experience

From taking orders to transporting luggage

A new era of support

Robots nowadays are mostly limited to attracting public attention rather than actual use in the hotel and restaurant industries. However, the use of robots is more than just a PR campaign. For instance, cognitive robots can be used in the fast-food industry in a variety of activities, such as taking orders, picking and placing the ordered food, and then handing it over to customers. They can also transport luggage or handle payment with their AI-driven sensors and voice recognition. Your customers can rest assured that interacting with our robots is completely safe, thanks to touchless human detection technology. With cognitive robots taking over the manual and labor-intensive work, humans can focus on the creative tasks such as developing delicious recipes, while the robots take care of the rest.

Benefits for the hotel & restaurant industry


With cognitive robots specializing in manual tasks, humans can allocate their time to other activities, increasing overall productivity, serving more guests and providing faster service.


Our robots can repeat the same activities with great precision. They can cut, chop and mix ingredients with consistent force and the same amount of ingredients and spices.


Our robots can’t only help cook dishes, but also clean, prepare tables, transport goods, or pick and place inventory.

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