Plastics and polymers

High-precision processing of any material

Plastics & polymers

High-precision processing of any material

Processing material.

To address the shortage of skilled workers and rapidly changing market requirements, manufacturers have deployed robots in various areas of the plastics and polymer industry, such as injection molding, demolding, loading and unloading, picking and placing parts and materials. With advanced AI and sensors, our cognitive robots can be used in more applications than traditional robots. In addition, the robots can perform tasks more accurately and safely in a collaborative environment with workers. Our robots are available with different payloads and ranges that can be customized based on production needs. In addition, it no longer takes weeks to set up and commission a new robot; instead, the robots are ready to perform their tasks right away.

Benefits for the plastics & polymers industry


High-speed and performance ensures a smooth workflow, removes idle time, and eliminates bottlenecks.


Great precision with repeatability of up to ± 0.01mm ensures the highest product quality. Integrated 3D vision sensors detect any defective products.


Our robots enable a lean production line that is more responsive to market demand, reduce waste from defective products and overproduction.

labor safety

Workers are freed from dangerous tasks all while cognitive robots can collaborate safely with humans in a shared working environment.


Human operators can easily re-assign the robots to work in a different setup, no coding required.

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