Robots for the chemistry industry

A new level of efficiency and productivity

Robots for the chemistry industry

A new level of efficiency and productivity

Revolutionizing laboratory automation

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, so every step must be handled with attention and accuracy. However, it’s difficult for people to concentrate when they perform the same activity over and over again for a long period of time. To solve this problem, robotic automation has been integrated into this sector. With a repeatability of ± 0.01 mm, our robots can precisely perform everyday tasks in material handling, manufacturing, machine operation and quality control, allowing workers to spend their time on high value-added activities.

Benefits for the chemical industry


Our robots can accelerate production at speeds up to 4.5 m/s, running without interruption to meet market demand and reduce time to market.


Reduce the risk of people being exposed to contaminated factors and work safely with people in a shared workspace thanks to advanced sensors and touchless safe human detection technology.


Cognitive robots have great control over the distribution of the exact dose needed in medicine and control product quality without distortions and deviations.


Our robots can be used for various tasks using an app-based interface, hand guidance, voice commands, and gesture control, and can be handled by non-professionals.


Accurate task execution eliminates errors, reducing material waste and defective products.

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