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NEURA’s European University Robotics Act

Collaborate with us to push the boundaries of innovation and research in cognitive robotics.

At NEURA, we are dedicated to developing advanced cognitive robots that enhance human capabilities and drive progress in various fields. Our mission is to create intelligent solutions that revolutionize industries, improve lives, and shape the future of technology.

We envision a world where cognitive robots seamlessly integrate into everyday life, augmenting human potential and fostering unprecedented levels of efficiency and creativity.

Your partnership benefits

Research Opportunities

Engage in collaborative research projects that push the boundaries of robotics and AI.

Access to Advanced Technology

Gain access to NEURA’s state-of-the-art cognitive robots and proprietary technologies. 


Robots and Resources

Receive support in the form of lectures, robots, resources, and expertise from NEURA



Connect with industry leaders and expand your network within the robotics and AI community.


Cutting-Edge Cognitive Robotics

NEURA’s cognitive robots are designed with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, enabling them to understand, learn, and adapt to complex environments. Our technology is at the forefront of robotics research, offering unparalleled performance and versatility.

We invite universities and research institutes to partner with NEURA in advancing the field of cognitive robotics. Together, we can explore new frontiers, conduct groundbreaking research, and develop innovative solutions that benefit society. 

That is possible with our open software interfaces:

Through the SDKs and APIs provided by NEURA, users can program the robot via Python even at a very low level. We can also provide ROS1 and ROS2 bridges, as ROS is widely used in research.

Example applications

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