Open Vacancies

At NEURA Robotics GmbH we believe that humans should be able to do what is at the core of the human nature. We want to enable people to express their creativity and focus more on social interactions again instead of doing unhealthy and monotonous jobs, which is still very common among the general society. Hence everything we do is based on the slogan: "WE SERVE HUMANITY".

If you want to join our team but couldn't find a suitable position, you may send us a speculative application to: We are always looking for passionate tech enthusiasts to help us revolutionize the world of robotics!




Embedded System Engineer (m/f/d)
Ingenieur*in (m/w/d) Elektrotechnik
Entwicklungsingenieur*in (m/w/d) Elektronik
IT-Systemadministrator*in (M/W/D)
MANAGER Funktionale Sicherheit (M/W/D)
Signal Processing Engineer (m/f/d)
Konstruktionsleiter*in (M/W/D)
Entwicklungsingenieur*in / Konstrukteur*in (M/W/D)
Embedded System Engineer (m/f/d)
Praktikum / Werkstudent (m/w/d) Konstrukteur für Robotik​
Elektronik Ingenieur/in (m/w/d)
Applikationsingenieur Automatisierung (M/W/D)
Software/Mechatronik Ingenieur/in C/C++ (m/w/d)
Software/Mechatronik Ingenieur*in C/C++ (m/w/d) für Embedded Systeme im Bereich Sensor-Entwicklung
Elektronik / Mechatronik Ingenieur (M/W/D)
Robotics Control Engineer (m/f/d)
Full Stack Developer (m/f/d)
Software Developer​ (m/f/d)
CI/CD DevOps Engineer (m/f/d)
Student*in SoftwareEntwicklung ROBOTIK (M/W/D)
Robotics Front-End Developer (m/f/d)
Vision Engineer (m/f/d)
Vision Engineer Intern / Working Student (m/f/d)
Praktikum / Werkstudent (m/w/d) Elektrotechnik / Embedded SW​
Robotics Control & ML Engineer Intern / Working Student (m/f/d)
Internship / Working Student for Content Creation / Social Media (m/f/d)
Projekt Manager (M/W/D)
UI/UX Designer (m/f/d)
Senior User Interface Engineer (m/f/d)
Content Marketing Specialist (m/f/d)
Content & Social Media Manager (m/f/d)
Marketing Manager (m/f/d)
CGI-Animation Intern / Working Student (m/f/d)
Graphic Designer (m/f/d) Interns/Students
No job available for this location